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Phone: (08) 9356 2290 or after hours 9314 6382


For Private bookings and Events


There are a couple of options for you to hold a children's birthday party social group functions at the railway. Firstly, and the most popular, is to join in on one of our many public run days on either the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month. We also operate on Wednesdays of school holidays from the Wilson Station, near the Kent Street weir.


Ticket prices individually are per ride and cost $6 for adults and $3 for children riding the train. We have a multi ride ticket which is $24 and offers a mix of adult/child rides and works out to be a little cheaper for a group.


Private bookings were intended for Christmas parties and as such we encourage bookings just prior to and around the Christmas period. We are no longer able to cater for special functions other than Christmas parties. Christmas parties are catered for on a specific day, either Saturday or Sunday, on a first in basis. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of weekends from November to Christmas This is our only special running period. Special runs are operated for larger groups - ie 100+ people with a base cost of $750 for a 3 hour period and are subject to availability of members to operate the railway on the day.


For children's birthday parties and special groups, we find most people are happy to join in the public run days. It's a matter of arriving a little earlier than usual to claim an area of the picnic ground, some people elect to put up a portable marquee, balloons etc... and enjoy the day.


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